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DIY Low Pressure Aeroponics -Day 14-

It has been awhile since my last entry, laziness to be honest.  Most of the seedlings have developed large tap roots which, a pleasant consequence of my laziness. Day 14 + Setup   Behind the black tarp is a bucket filled with plain tap water to be used as a water supply for the plants. 

DIY Low Pressure Aeroponics Days 3-4-5

Day 3 (14 Feb 2018) – cotyledons on most sprouts had shed their seed husk and had already seemed to exhibit signs of phototropism so I gave them an extra shot of light up until midnight (sun has been setting around 05:30-06:00).  From now on the seedlings will be kept under a DIY light setup

Low Pressure Aeroponics -Day 1 & 2

-Day 1- Some seeds have started to open up, the germination chamber is hot and humid, expecting to have these guys under lights by day 4.  Pictures soon to follow -Day 2- Most seeds have opened up and some have began sprouting.  The germination chamber is hot and humid, most seeds are still likely on

DIY Low-Pressure Aeroponics – Day 0

  -Day 0- I had sprouted some buttercrunch seedlings over a week ago, however, in the winter sun they began to stretch beyond the point of no return.  I decided just yesterday to gather supplies to build a lighting setup so that I don’t lose any more seedlings due to light starvation.  I let my