DIY Low Pressure Aeroponics -Day 14-

It has been awhile since my last entry, laziness to be honest.  Most of the seedlings have developed large tap roots which, a pleasant consequence of my laziness.

Day 14 + Setup

Lettuce Sideshot


Behind the black tarp is a bucket filled with plain tap water to be used as a water supply for the plants.  This water was allowed to sit out overnight, allowing evaporation of chlorine.  Nutrients will be added after roots have had time to adapt.  The water supply is hooked up to a pump that runs through a length of 3/4″ pvc pipe, which has been drilled with holes and fitted with press-in sprayer nozzles.  This sprayer assembly is connected to a recycle timer, a timer that is capable of transmitting power in an on/off cycle.  My timer has been adjusted to 30 seconds on, 5 minutes off.  The time i bought is available on Amazon and is the cheapest recycle timer I was able to find.  The cage is made of 1/2″ pvc pipe with tee and 90 degree elbow fittings.  The lights were explained in a previous article, 100w CFL bulbs powered by clamp-on reflectors.

In regards to a DIY guide, the build will be described after a successful grow has been observed.

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