Low Pressure Aeroponics Day 25

08 Mar 2018

The recycle timer was switched on an undocumented date to run 30 seconds on, 3 minutes off.  The original schedule was roughly 7 seconds on 5 minutes off.  On 07 Mar 2018, I switched the timer back to its original schedule.  Roots began to grow long in areas of the root chamber that had good contact with the spray nozzles. However, roots did not branch willingly; few have more than 3-6 root hairs per plant.  I suspect decreasing the frequency at which plants are sprayed will cause more branching because water will no longer accumulate at the bottom of large tap roots.  With shorter spray cycles, roots are suspected to search for water as a mild desiccation sets in; they receive water before any damage can be done.

One possible improvement is to add more sprayer nozzles to the spray assembly. The current sprayer assembly does not adequately coat the entire root chamber with water.

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