Low Pressure Aeroponics -Day 49-

I haven’t had as much success with leaf growth due to over-crowding, so I waited until harvest day to post.  High planting densities are thought to have caused stunted shoot growth after Day 35. This system used a 1′ by 2′ piece of foam board and fit 21 plants; this setup results in a planting density of 10.5 plants per square foot.  Planting densities will be reduced to 4 plants per square foot in my next grow to allow for more shoot growth.

Root systems from the last grow (pictured below) were long and white, and have the consistency of damp jute. Plant shoots had formed a dense canopy over the surface of the foam board.  Day 49 shoots were not photographed, I harvested them before I started taking pictures.  Sweet peppers, indeterminate tomatoes and green beans are all possible specimens for my next grow.  I will likely grow them to a certain size in a scaled up low pressure aeroponic system; then I will transplant them into soil when it gets warm.  It is also important to note that growth increased after adding 2 teaspoons of generic fertilizer to the 5 gallon nutrient reservoir.

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